The Sidhe (pronounced as shee) or Faerie Lords/Fey folk are a mysterious race of magical beings that hail from Tir Na n'Og and are divided into two factions. The Seelie represent the warm Spring and Scorching Summer whilst the Unseelie represnt the Cold Autumn and Frozen Winter. The Sidhe originally inhabited the land of Britania in ancient times along with the Firbolg Giants and the Fomorian Giants and are the natural enemies of the giants who they defeated in a great war before magic receded and the Giants went into their deep sleep.

The Sidhe returned to Britania when Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone which heralded the return of the age of magic and the old faith to Britania. The Sidhe set about migrating to Britania and took Bedegraine forest as their domain and bagan kidnapping children from various settlements to be raised by the sidhe as warriors for their own defence since most human swords are made from Iron and the touch of Iron is painful and even deadly to the Sidhe, they need human warriors to weild iron weapons in their own defence.

The Average Sidhe is a tall magical being roughly ten foot tall according to a certain quest and are differentiated by their colour for example a Unseelie is pale blue whilst a Seelie is gold in colour. The Sidhe themselves are formidable in battle but field fewer numbers much like the Fomorian Giants. The Sidhe's weaponry is made from magical crystal and Sidhe artifacts can be aquired as the player progresses through the game. If the player is a follower of the Old Faith the option to side with one of the Sidhe factions comes up. The player can choose to ally with the Seelie or Unseelie and will be forced to battle the Sidhe they allied against.