Fomorians are a race of vicious Giant's and enemies of the Sidhe. The Fomorian's retain their strength and savage nature by feeding on human flesh and are led by chieftain's as seen in the quest The Heir. Fomorians take to the battlefield in groups of three and wield large clubs with spikes on the end. Fomorians are naturally magic resistant and were awoken at the same time as the miracle from their deep slumber in the wilds.

Fomorians are but one type of giant being wild and brutish compared to the Firbolg giants seen in Guinevere's quest. Fomorians have two set's of exposed teeth two long teeth that jut down the tips of the mouth and two smaller teeth that jut upwards in between the larger pair. Fomorians also shave their heads or are bald and wear chains and leather clothing, due to the Fomorians size they cannot hide in forests on the battlefield and they only come in groups of three and arent recruitable except in certain quests.